Welcome to the Speak in Tongues blog

Welcome to the Speak in Tongues blog.

My wife Diana and I spend a large amount of time engaging in Christian prayer ministry and in training many other people to engage in healing and prophetic ministry at Beth Tephillah Ministry Centre. Some of our teaching can be found in the Listening 2 God website.

One of the common questions we encounter from students is about tongues – usually their inability to receive the gift. We usually draw on our own experiences with this difficulty to help them, and I plan to do the same in this blog because it may help someone else to break through this barrier.

Another question asked about the gift of tongues is why use it? What is it for?

In ministry we have encountered all of the usual purposes, and find it an invaluable tool, both for our own well-being and in helping others. However, we have discovered a number of other purpose for this wonderful gift.

Then there are all the debates and misconceptions about its nature, purpose, its relationship to other gifts, and even its continued availability to believers today. Hopefully we can share about these together in this blog and website.

Please feel free to contribute questions, answers and experiences through comments. We will be compiling a list of helpful resources on the accompanying Speak in Tongues website.

If you find the blog or website helpful you might like to link to it on your own site.

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2 Responses to Welcome to the Speak in Tongues blog

  1. lalyn says:

    how do i get started in speaking in tongues? I wish to learn so much about it

  2. Karen says:

    Dear Lalyn, if you are a born again Christian, it is easy to speak in tongues, and if you do, you will do it for the rest of your life, it is a permanent ability. To become fluent, practice it. Because I got a good little booklet from them called “What is Speaking in Tongues?”, try the Biblical Unitarian web site. They have some of the best research written, I think. Everyone I knew who wanted to speak in tongues for their private prayer life, was able to do it. Friends would do it out loud in special practice meetings, taking turns, to practice enunciation, and boldness, which is used when you may be called upon to speak in tongues and followed by the interpretation of tongues.