Popular Writers on Speaking in Tongues

I believe it would be helpful in our study of speaking in tongues if we see what popular writers of the past have said about this gift.

I’ve been going through my library, and the library at Beth Tephillah Ministry Centre, and have found a number of older books that touch on tongues. When I have exhausted these I will probably check out Whitley College Theological Library and the Joint Theological Library at Melbourne University. I remember from my years at Whitley encountering a number of writers who were extremely negative about glossolalia, and very few who saw any value in it. I would be interested in seeing if and how the attitude of this Baptist college has changed over the years.

The first three writers from my library I will comment on are J. Oswald Sanders – beloved of conservative evangelicals, and John Sherrill and Michael Harper – pioneers of the charismatic movement.

Watch this space!


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