J. Oswald Sanders on Speaking in Tongues – Part 2

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2 Responses to J. Oswald Sanders on Speaking in Tongues – Part 2

  1. Judi says:

    I hear you; but what of the incident in Samaria when Philip baptized so many of them, but Peter and James (or John?) went down and laid hands on them and they received the Holy Ghost. My question is, what did Simon the Sorcerer “see” that made him offer money for what they did?

  2. Mal says:

    Hi Judi,

    Depends whether you are asking me or Sanders. I don’t know what he would say, and there are many things in his arguments I would disagree with.

    Personally, I believe it was most likely speaking in tongues, which is more easily ‘seen’, but it could also have been their peace and joy.

    I have more to say, but I’ll do it in another post.