What did Simon the Sorcerer see in Samaria?

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One Response to What did Simon the Sorcerer see in Samaria?

  1. Dear Brother in Christ

    Reading some of the materials on this web site I am struck by this comment in the entry about what Simon saw in Samaria.

    “By making a doctrine out of a denominational distinctive we risk limiting what can happen in our experience.”

    Speaking in tongues is not a denominational distinctive. As you well know it was first known of at Pentecost as recorded in Acts 2. The fact that denominations have arisen since that time in the religion known as Christianity is irrelevant to the issue. They did not exist when tongues first came.

    Speaking in tongues was very distinctive, because it was,if you will, the voice of God speaking from the temples of God in the upper room that Pentecost day. It was a voice that made distinction between those who were “comforted in Jerusalem” and the enemies to whom the Lord rendered recompence with that very same voice. Is 66:5 – 14

    God made choice that day between those who were accepted and those who were not in Israel. It was the witness as to who was obeying God (Acts 5:32) God’s people need this sign so that they will know who is in the body and who is not.

    You rightly point out the difficulty in trying to base this doctrine on Acts alone but there is much more in the bible on this subject though few recognize it.

    To see this and if you would like to read an excellent resource on the subject may I suggest the following:

    As a follow-up to that you may enjoy this remarkable book:

    May God bless you

    Be willing to be right, be willing to be wrong. Just be willing!

    Damien C