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Use of Speaking in Tongues in Ministry

I’ve just put up a teaching page about using speaking in tongues as a tool in ministry. It’s adapted from our Hearing God’s Voice course. You can see it by going here.

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What did Simon the Sorcerer see in Samaria?

A traditional Pentecostal doctrine says that every case of baptism with the Holy Spirit must be accompanied by the ‘sign’ of speaking in tongues. They deduce this from the incidents in Acts where the two appear together. Of course, the … Continue reading

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Check out the posts in my blogs

If you are reading this post you would probably also be interested in posts in some of my blogs: a reasonable mystic Praying Hypertext Charismatic Mysticism Defining Christian Mysticism Reason, Mysticism and Christianity – Part 1 Re: Atheism and Experiencing … Continue reading

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